The Altum Fitness Community
The Altum Fitness Community

The Altum Fitness Community

Drink Less and Unlock Your Strongest, Most Authentic Self. #LiveDeep

Welcome to Altum Fitness 

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Altum Fitness is a Sober/Soberish ecosystem to help you drink less, and unlock your strongest, most authentic self. 

Our thriving community offers forums, chats, expert courses on fitness and alcohol change, quarterly sobriety challenges, exclusive content, and so much more, all embedded within a tribe of individuals with one purpose in mind: conquer alcohol and live their best life. 

Join us now and take your first step toward becoming #AltumStrong 


We are NOT a sober-only community: all are welcome.  Altum Fitness is for anyone who aspires to elevate their quality of life through fitness and alcohol habit change.

Free Membership Features

As a member of Altum Fitness, you’ll gain access to a multitude of resources:

🌟 COMMUNITY FORUMS & CHAT: Engage with the Altum community through our exclusive platform for members to connect, share experiences, and access community content.

🌟 ALCOHOL & HABIT CHANGE COURSES: Science-based programs offering comprehensive guidance and support.

🌟 EXCLUSIVE EDUCATIONAL CONTENT: Dive into a rich library of content that explores fitness, habit change, and wellness in depth.

🌟 PERSONALIZED COACHING AND FEEDBACK: Get direct feedback from our expert coaches, ensuring your journey is effective and safe.

🌟 COMMUNITY SUPPORT AND ENGAGEMENT: Connect with a vibrant, supportive community that shares your aspirations and celebrates your progress.

🌟 LIVE SESSIONS AND CHALLENGES: Participate in live educational sessions, interactive presentation, and challenges that keep you engaged and informed.

🌟 ACCESS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Enjoy the flexibility of accessing community resources and support, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.

🌟 FITNESS APP ADD-ON: Unlock the power of our state-of-the-art Fitness App, a tool designed to track your progress, provide personalized workout plans, and offer interactive fitness challenges.

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